March Madness? More Like March Mildness

March 30, 2009

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Paul Milousis

March Madness? More Like March Mildness

As excited as I was anticipating the start of the NCAA Tournament, this season's version has been, well, disappointing to say the least. There have been hardly any close games or great finishes, especially after the first round.

Since that exciting second day which ended with the double OT game between Ohio St. and Siena, the only great finish that comes to mind is Dmitri Goodson's end to end bank that led the Zags past Orlando Mendez-Valdez and Western Kentucky (and straight into a powder blue whooping in the sweet 16). Further more, the only really great game since was the all Big East battle between Villanova and No.1 Pitt in the East Regional Final. 

This game had everything, intensity, passion, was well played and most of all went right down to the wire. Despite struggling all game with a sore hand, it was Scottie Reynollds, typifying Nova's toughness by not only taking the big shot but hitting it and sending the Wildcats to their first Final Four trip since 1985.

 Aside from that, this tournament has been a little flat. Most games have been mismatches or simply lacked excitement. There were no true Cinderella's as only Arizona was the lone double digit seed to reach the Regionals (and there from the Pac-10! Hardly a mid-major) and scheduling games in these cavernous domes is just ridiculous.

 I can sort of understand doing this when it comes to the Final Four but doing this in the Regionals equals half empty attendance and therefore a flat atmosphere. Why not play in a BASKETBALL purpose facility. What! Is 15 to 20 thousand seat capacity not enough?  Plus, players constantly complain about how difficult it is to shoot in domes, the back drop can be extremely distracting.

I suppose the only plus side for me is that my Tar Heels look poised to become National Champions. How fitting it would be to see the great Tyler Hansborough rewarded for staying at Chapel Hill all four years by capping his legendary career with a National Championship. I can't think of a better script.


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  1. I agree. I have to say I think a lot of the reason is the NBA. The contracts are too big to pass up, and these guys are one and done. And who can blame them, I think most would bolt for that type of money. I'm not a Tar Heels fan, but I do admire guys like Hansborough who stay the course. I think it will help him be a more complete player when he hits the NBA.

    Tony VandervortTony Vandervort on Monday, 30 March 2009, 18:50 PDT # |

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